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Group work

Group work is an essential part of studying at AAU. Here, you can find information on how we do that at Create.

Group work

Group work is an essential part of studying at AAU. Here, you can find information on how we do that at Create.

Generally, you - the students - manage the group formation process, supported by the semester coordinator. However, in some cases the groups will be formed by a study secretary or teacher. 

Our principles of group formation

We want to make you feel included and inspired to try new things regarding your education at Create. That is why these principles should be followed when forming groups:

  • No groups are final until everyone is in a group
  • Especially during the first semesters of the programmes, there may be a need for more controlled group formation processes (e.g., groups formed by a teacher)
  • On semesters with international students, we encourage that these international students are distributed across different groups
  • Generally, you learn something different by working in different groups, which is why we encourage you to try out working with different class mates throughout the semesters. 

Also know that:

  • Project supervision is not limited to academic guidance, but also pedagogical guidance, and it is therefore important that supervisors are professionally prepared to support and challenge students in both group formation and the collaborative process
  • Semester coordinators must have the opportunity to change and adjust the group formation processes, as there are variations between different programs and semesters
  • Coordination between semester coordinators should be established in order to exchange experience from previous semesters
  • The group formation processes should as a minimum be evaluated at the semester group meetings and via the semester evaluations. 

Our guideline for group formation

At Create, we have defined eight types of group formation processes - three of which are administrative, and five of which are more free for the students.

All eight formations are described in the guideline.

Group sizes

The allowed members per group vary by semester, and the semester coordinator sets the allowed group size on a given semester within the framework of our policy.  
In some cases, it is possible to apply for an exemption from the policy via your study board.

Splitting a group during a semester

It is possible to split a group during a semester, if there are well-founded reasons for this, and you have all tried your best to collaborate and work together.

If you want to split your group, you have to follow our policy:

  • Talk to your group supervisor. They have to tell you about the consequences of a split
  • The split must take place at least 4 weeks before the project deadline
  • Share all material that is produced before the date of the split. Everyone has an equal right to use it in their further work.
  • If some of you choose to join another existing group, you can’t use the material in this new group 

If you decide to split your group, you have to tell the the study secretary of the semester. The semester coordinator, Head of Study Board and Head of Studies are only directly involved in special cases.

Mixed groups

We have a mixed group policy. If you have any questions related to the policy, please contact your study board.